A new stroller


We bought a Peg Pérego stroller at Amazon before Oskar was born and it got delivered pretty much on time end August 2013. Since then this stroller has been to Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, France and Japan. Then Thomas was born and while Oskar needed the rolling throne less, his newborn brother had of course plenty of use for it. And by now it shows: I had to fix the brakes (with a very basic, but crafty and effective use of string). The plastic is worn and beaten and… hum… bitten. The fabric has paled and has seen its share of pee. And the little plastic window in the hood is falling apart. But it still rolls and rolls – it’s a seriously great stroller.

Nevertheless, we decided it was time to get a replacement this year at that fabulous Orchestra store in Brest (seriously, this is the most stunning baby store I’ve ever seen – must be a flagship store or something). Today we took the kids there, bought some baby clothes and finally hit the stroller aisle. Well. I should not call it “aisle”. It’s more like a market square. They have shelves and shelves of strollers. And in front of that, they have even more strollers set up. It’s as if somebody called a party and everybody’s invited.
We like our current Peg Pérego, but at this stage we wanted to buy a smaller and lighter stroller. A stroller that works well for Thomas but can still be a temporary vehicle for Oskar. We were open to try out different brands to see what we are missing. 

As it turns out we have not missed much.
Lamia told me that the strollers from McLaren (not related to the racing car company) are most popular for the smaller size we were after. And they are nice. But here’s the problem with virtually all strollers except the ones from Peg Pérego: they are really shitty to fold. Or more accurately: Peg Pérego has ruined us for other brands – that’s what I am talking about here.
Peg Pérego just has this unique and convenient folding mechanism: you open the lock and you are able to fold or open with one hand (meaning, you can carry a baby with the other hand). If you have kids you know how important it is to get this right. We somehow thought that there’d be likely a bunch of companies with very similar folding mechanisms to Peg Pérego’s. But nope. Some, like McLaren, have a folding mechanism which is sort of okay, but you have to kneel down like a sucker to fold this thing completely. That’s… – … no good. Other brands have an interesting system that enables to fold the stroller to airplane carry-on luggage size. That’s cool, but it is still rather cumbersome to get there (and you are crawling on the ground to finish off that one as well).

Consequently, we stuck with Peg Pérego. We got the Pliko Mini, which is roughly 3 kg lighter than our current Pliko P3 Compact.
Here are some comparison photos:

Oskar approved, too:

Honestly, I am really delighted with the stroller. I was looking forward to replace the old one and this is just the right choice.

And what happened to the old stroller, you might ask? Well, given the braking system had this temporary fix which had worked really well for many months now but is yet safety related, we decided to throw it away. And yes, we did not hesitate long: here it is under some waste bin after its last trip to the container park.

Stop staring at me with this reproachful look – we put it in there gently…

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