Donut, anyone?


Yesterday we took the flight from Brest to Paris Orly where a maxi cab picked us up and took us to Joy and Yann’s place. Preparing and getting ready for the flight had been a bit of work, too. On Friday we packed as much as possible and got it ready for the trip (which means I packed my stuff and did one more suitcase with all the Duplo toys and the Playmobil garbage truck, while Lamia packed all the rest). This was also a simpler trip luggage-wise, because Nagi and Fely will drive to Paris and they will take part of our luggage with them in their car, which will make things easier on us.

Then, yesterday morning I stuffed all the things we took with us into car #1 (which would hold the luggage, Lamia, the kids and me) – except the stroller which went into car #2 (plus Mamie and Papi). Big surprise, however: 30 minutes before we had planned to leave Nagi noticed that the right front tire of car #2 was flat. Ouch!

So he got the “donut” out and we changed the tires together (as you know, I am a renowned expert in changing tires). Lamia and Fely were meanwhile sitting in the living room, wondering what the heck we were up to. Be it as it might, and unbeknownst to women folk) we changed the tires quickly enough to still be comfortably on time for our flight.

I am always happy when I can help with manly stuff (hate the dirty hands, though :P )…

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