Babysitting in Belgium


In the morning we got the car from the grandparents, stuffed it with the kids and drove to Belgium to visit Alice, Ante and Amelia. I’ve been already twice in Europe last year, each time crushing for a few days at their place, so I didn’t really have to go. But there’s this BFF or so stuff between Lamia and Alice and, you know, Lamia really wanted to go. Who am I to not support this happy get together? And who would I be if I did not, because someone would first kick my ass like I am a rotten tomato and then go anyway.

I also promised Lamia I’d babysit the kids, because she and Alice had kept themselves from watching the new episodes of the Gilmore Girls until they meet tonight so they can binge the whole thing (I am also writing this for the friends in Belgium who might read this and otherwise think I don’t love them anymore because I did not call).

We arrived, unloaded the car, took care of the kids, did some shopping and enjoyed the generous hospitality I’ve come to expect when visiting this place. As the day passed, everything ran a little late and we only had all the kids in the bath tub some time after 8 pm. Soon after the little angels were sleeping, however.

And while the girls are getting all the latest from Stars Hollow right now, I have been actually rather busy so far with baby sitting, because Thomas has a restless evening.

Anyway – time for me to turn in, too.
Here’s hoping for a quiet rest of the night.

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