Christmas – silver bullet


After we’ve had Christmas in Germany and France already it was time for another gift giving session in Belgium, too. Before diving into another attack on lovingly packed presents which can only be compared to a dog with rabies going after a weasle, I took a few photos of the kids and Lamia and Alice.

Well, okay. This collage already had photos included after the fact, but this is not the New York Times here, okay?
Anyhow, we then got to unwrapping of the gifts. We had a small one for Amelia, a voucher for a baby shop for the upcoming little bundle and some presents for Alice and Ante from Brittany.

But damn: Alice and Ante surprised us with two massive gifts for Oskar and Thomas. I mean look at this…

Wow! This is so amazing and generous: the Playmobil surfer guy and his girlfriend in their posh car, hanger and motor boat (really quite realistic… and if you see the figurine for the guy with his perfect surfer hair you cannot help but hate his guts!). And the Little People Big Animal Zoo with an adorable elephant that plays sounds when you, say, pull its tail (yeah, I am going to hate that pretty soon, but the kids will sure love it).

I don’t know what to say or how to react (apart from keeping the tally of how much this adds to the volume and weight I will have to lug around when we fly back to Singapore, but fine…).

But all of this is awesome! – thank you so much, Alice and Ante and Amelia! Not only did they let us sleep in the master bedroom, they also piled up the goods on us that I am speechless (because I’ll have to carry them – haha, no seriously: thank you!).

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