The house with the red gate


After saying good-bye to Ante, Alice and Amelia, we were on our way back to Paris, but not without making a brief stop at Aunt Anna’s place which is more or less on the way. It’s a lovely place and when you enter the house, it always feels a little like traveling back in time…

Anna had promised she would only prepare a small snack, but as always, she dished up a full menu of wonderful treats for us. The kids were happily exploring the place and I had my hands full to have them stay away from the burning red furnace.

Before we left I took a nice picture of Lamia, the boys and Anna:

Anna made my day by saying that I once took a photograph of her which she really liked. I am not sure whether I have it in my blog but maybe it’s this one or this one. I got to ask.

After lunch (and a few more presents for the gifts – thank you so much!) we then continued on our way to Paris. Traffic was not too bad (worst, of course, was in Paris on the Périphérique) and we arrived in a reasonable time.

And we realize that our long vacation comes to an end: on Thursday we already return to Singapore…

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