0.02% of Paris, brick by brick


There is a Lego exhibition at the Hôtel de Ville which is called “Building Paris brick by brick” and apparently features a number of Paris sights which were built with Lego. So there was an opportunity to keep the kids entertained on their last full day in the city of lights.

The entrance is free of charge, which was a nice surprise, but it is way smaller than what I had expected. Even worse, only three sites were “properly” built with loving care. You can see them below. Notre Dame in particular is really nicely done.

(counter-clockwise: Notre Dame, Pantheon, Hôtel de Ville)

The remaining ones looked like they had been quickly pieced together with hugely oversized pieces. These really look like hack jobs. I mean, seriously: look at the Eiffel Tower… 

(clockwise: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe)

And after you have seen this photo…

… you have basically seen the entirety of the built exhibition. Sobering, eh? Somehow you would have expected more, wouldn’t you?

To be fair the kids were fine with it and there was also a 15+ minute animated movie about the founding story of Lego till today which Oskar quite enjoyed. In the back there were some containers with Lego and Duplo to play with and both kids hung out there for a little while, too.

Once we had touched and spit saliva on all of the bricks we were ready to leave and go back home.

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