The taxi ride to the airport took 30 minute longer than expected because we had freakish traffic. Lamia had factored in this possibility, however, which is why we left Joy and Yann’s place nearly 5 hours before the flight and thus had enough buffer to make up for the delay. We arrived without stress at the airport, checked in all the luggage and scored the same seats as on the way here: Lamia and Oskar sitting in a front row with Thomas in the basket, me next to them across the aisle.

Out of pure dumb luck, I could switch my seat with the one next to Oskar because right of me another lady with a baby was sitting and the gentleman who was originally sitting here did not want to sit between two (potentially) crying babies. Lamia suggested I should ask whether he wanted to switch and while I did not expect any success, I still tried:

Leo: Hey, I just wanted to ask: if you do not want to sit next to the small kids, I am happy to swap my aisle seat with you. I know it has less leg spac…
Man: Really? Sure. Great. That would be super nice, thank you!

Huh – that was easier than I thought…

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