So we arrived on Friday. The flight went well, which means both Oskar and Thomas slept for most of it. Consequently, Lamia and I had a less stressful flight (I could even watch Finding Dory). On the flip side, they had had too much sleep in the plane for a restful night at home (we landed around 5 pm, we were only home maybe at 7 pm and we put them to bed at 9 pm). As you’d expect, from Friday night to Saturday and from Saturday night to Sunday Thomas and Oskar woke up and needed some comforting. Hope this will fix itself quickly, because Lamia and I are tired, too, and we need to get enough sleep for starting work tomorrow (brrrrr).

What was great when we arrived at home, of course, was that Aggie had done a fabulous job in getting the house ready and have drinks and food for us. Moreover, she had cleaned the place like the birds and mice in Cinderella. Really amazing! What a great feeling to come home and everything is so pleasant and nicely organized.

A few more hours to breathe…

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