Rain blanket


Fridays I am working from home in the afternoon. When I was done with office stuff for the day, I played a little with Oskar and Thomas. Soon after Lamia was about to arrive at the nearby MRT station, so I took the boys and we left the house to greet her. Cute as always: when the kids saw her from afar, they both ran, all excited and happy (having received this magical treat in the past myself, I got to say there is not much in the world that can beat this).

So then we walked back. We got to the traffic light. We crossed the street.
Suddenly there was this swooshing noise. Like… like massive wind blowing. And it came closer and closer. Fast.

Leo: That’s rain! It’s coming!

Little did I know how literally true this was.
Imagine this scenario: we are on the right side of the street. There’s nothing. I look to the opposite side of the street from where the noise is coming. And I can *see* a curtain of heavy rain right there. While we are walking in the dry.

We were just at the very edge of this rain cloud.
This was one of the most peculiar things I have seen in my life.

Seconds later the cloud moved a few more meters and we got our fair share of that bucket load of rain.

I am still stunned.

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