Family Day at Universal Studios


I’ve heard about cool companies that book a whole theme park for their employees (*cough*Google*cough*) and while I do work for a cool company, I sort of did not expect they would do something like this, too. But they did: tonight, between 7 pm and 11 pm, Universal Studios on Sentosa Island was exclusive for employees and their families. This is really pretty awesome.

We put the kids to bed, headed to the resort and arrived around 8:30 pm. I could bicker about the size of this theme park and that there are not so many awesome attractions, but hey: even though Universal Studios in Singapore is not on par with the top of the line parks like Disneyland Paris or Universal Studios in LA, it is still a pretty nice place to visit. Especially if you only have a few thousand people hanging out there versus what I reckon are tens of thousands normally.

The rides are similar or identical to what is available at Universal Studios in LA (like the Mummy ride or Shrek 4D or Waterworld or …). Sadly the absolutely amazing Simpsons ride has been replaced with a Transformer version. It’s still good, but the Simpson variant was much better in my opinion. It’s by the way always amazing how huge the areas are where people line up. For the most popular rides these are insanely long. This was not a problem tonight, of course, but I was just exhausted from walking all that distance in the Revenge of the Mummy ride.

We ran into surprisingly few people we knew, but if we did, the question we heard was always the same:

Tired parent with toddler on the arm: Where are your kids?

So, yeah: this was often asked by people who had their own 1-year, 2-year, x-year old kids with them. Now, we are in the lucky situation to have really great kids: they sleep at +/- 8 pm. Now, we could have considered bringing them, but Universal Studios has very few things that work for kids that age (many rides are a little too scary for small kids and many rides require passengers to be taller than 120 cm or so). I guess if you have kids that are 6 years and older, there’s more you can do together here.

Consequently, we put our kids to bed, Aggie was kindly babysitting and Lamia and I could enjoy the park. Like so:

I am not sure I would necessarily recommend people to visit, but we had a good time.

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