No diapers for young men


Yesterday evening was a big night: while Oskar is not using diapers anymore during the day for a very long time already, we so far still put one on every evening to have him power through the night without incidents.

But no more, ladies and gentlemen!

We had already prepped Oskar during the last few days that as of Saturday he would not wear diapers anymore during the night. Oskar was excited, but funny enough, he insisted on putting on undies instead. Okay. Sure. Why not? Before he went to bed I talked him once more through the process in case he had to pee: get up, walk to the potty that we’ve placed in the room, pull down the pants, pee, pull up the pants and go back to bed.

I was certain this would not work the first night.
In fact, I expected we would hear him call for us at some ungodly hour (which is also why we made the switch on a weekend).

Then both kids were sleeping. Time passed. Silence came over the house. Lamia and I went to sleep. And slept. And slept.
And woke up at 6:30 in the morning. Oskar had not called for us.

Leo:  Shit! He drowned!

We readied ourselves to find Oskar’s bed virtually underwater. We opened the door to the room. The kids were awake. Thomas was laughing. Oskar smiled. Hm. My next look went right to the potty. And: there was pee in it?! Holy cow! Did this work the first night?!
After some more assessments we figured that some pee went into the bed, but actually not that much. Most of it must have ended up in the potty. And this is simply amazing! You know, like: amazing for the parents. I realize that you, whoever reads this, most likely don’t give a shit. Or pee, for that matter.

But I am so proud!

Let’s see how it goes in the following nights.
I am sure there will be some more serious accidents.

But that’s okay: we won’t look back.

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