Pick up services…


I have been using Carousell, a service similar to eBay before. eBay in Singapore was very disappointing and while I sold a flower pot on Carousell here (which is one sale more than I did on eBay), I was not too impressed by the service either.

But when the pain is big, you retry things.

Our home theater system was disfunctional for a while already. It started with the Denton amplifier acting up (or rather: not acting at all when turned on) and then the right surround speaker did not hold its position anymore. The fixture which normally should maintain its alignment simply broke and the rubber around it fell apart. I replaced it once, but it took only days to break again. I think the humidity in Singapore had once more lifted its ugly face. Eventually, I threw all of the speakers out, but the subwoofer was still fine. Without many expectations I put it into Carousell this weekend for 50 bucks – and had several interested parties in minutes after placing the ad. Even better, it was gone yesterday evening.


Encouraged, I also put our old night stands on Carousell, at 35 SGD each. The same thing happened: I had interested parties very quickly and the final buyer also picked them up Saturday evening at a discounted 50 SGD for the pair.


Then I tried something: my beloved giant clock is broken and it was standing for a while already in our entrance area. In the past we could simply put it to the garbage chute room and little elves would pick even bulky things like this up, no questions asked. This has changed in the meantime, however, and now we have to call a disposal service and picking something up like that clock will cost 60 SGD.

You guess what happened…

I put it on Carousell and I had again several interested parties – two very interested. And to my utter joy, it was picked up today. The clock does not work anymore, which is why I put it in for 0 Dollar (and that’s in my book still 60 SGD earned). Given how keen these two persons were to get the clock I realized I could have even asked for some money, however – maybe 10 o 20 SGD.

Anyway, I am not complaining. This was a rather surprising and pleasant weekend for selling stuff. And I am so happy that all these things which had been standing around for weeks or months are now gone. The apartment suddenly feels much more spacious.

Now, what do we need to get rid off next?

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