For a shiny sticker or two…


Last week I wrote about Oskar having started to sleep without diapers. This was a big thing for him and for us and I was very pleased when after the first night he had in fact used the potty that we had placed in the room – the bed was still wet, but at least part of the pee went in the right place. That was from Saturday to Sunday.

Sunday to Monday, the same thing happened. But then, he wet the bed every night, apparently without ever making it to the potty. That’s okay – we knew it would take a while and we kept encouraging him (and I started to bribe him, telling him that each time he would pee in the potty he’d get stickers).

Then came the night from Saturday to Sunday – and for the first time, not only had Oskar used the potty, but the bed was dry, too.

I cannot tell you how proud I was!
Don’t get me wrong: of course this is just one off and we will continue to have wet beds for weeks to come (or longer, I don’t know). But this is such progress and only a parent will understand the feeling of happiness when a child is accomplishing the most mundane things.

Tonight, Sunday to Monday, we heard Oskar cry at 5 am. I went to check on him. He was standing in the room. He clearly had peed in the potty, but something had distressed him. In the end I figured out that some pee went again into the bed (which might be the reason why he cried – I did notice he is embarrassed when it happens). He also talked about a monster. While I first thought it was a figment of his imagination or broken pieces of a dream, he later said that the monster crawled over his feet when he was on the potty.

Hm, a bug?
Let’s see. I hope it is not some stupid cockroach, of course, because I need Oskar to be not scared to go on the potty.

Oskar got his sticker bribe this morning, of course. As long as there is pee in the potty he gets them. A wet bed is not voiding awards here in sticker country.
I am curious (and a little excited) how it goes tonight.

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