Good Friday with chasing good kids


Today’s Good Friday and I finally had some time again to ambush the kids and take a few photos of them. As always, it was not a trivial task to get both of them into the frame, looking at my camera and make a halfway decent face. Sometimes I really think they just want to escape…

Eventually, Thomas was sitting still…

… but where’s Oskar?
Once I had him in the photo, he was overly dramatic. But I admit it works well.

Little rascal! – but how could I be ever angry at him?

Well, I am often enough, but I love him to pieces :)

Further went the chase, and they kept on dodging my camera until they escaped to one of the small balconies. Once I had cornered them there, there was no easy way of getting away anymore, of course…

They eventually had to take a break anyway. It’s exhausting when a big, hulking German paparazzi is keeping you on your toes…

Afterwards, they were easier to convince to hold still for a photos. I really like this one here:

Just a moment later, we were back to drama…

… but it’s hilarious!

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