Oskar’s and Thomas’ egg hunt


And then Easter came. Lamia and I got up early as always and finished our pre-worked Easter gifts for the kids by adding the chocolate. For making it easy to know which find belongs to whom, I had planned to make really nice, head-shaped stickers with the kids’ faces on them. Unfortunately the sticker printer I have access to was not working, so we used the cropped images I created with a regular square photo print-out and this worked remarkably well. I then hid the gifts, six for each kid, in the house.

When then woke up the kids. Well, in fact they were already awake – and Oskar in particular was all amped up about the egg hunt.

Kinder chocolate is very popular here…

In the blue bag was a very nice Cars Lightning McQueen car for Oskar. Thomas got a Cars backpack for when he starts school in June.

Oskar presenting his Lightning McQueen… the car collection keeps on growing.

Oskar getting two baskets, one for him and one for Thomas. The little stickers with the kids’ faces on them worked really great: both kids new immediately which gift was for them and which one was for their brother.

Thomas let Oskar do much of the search, but he does enjoy the occasional piece of chocolate, too…

Easter is on a good way to become another favourite holiday…

It did not take too long for all the goodies to be found… but then again, we had to make sure it does not take too long, otherwise with the hot climate in Singapore the chocolate eggs would have melted away in eventually.

Thomas likes this little chocolate suitcase a lot.

Nearly done…

This one required some skilled climbing.

Happy and cute Thomas.


And we are done.

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