“Are they dead?” – “Maybe they sleep…”


Last week I was in Guangzhou, China, and so I missed it when Oskar brought home two turtles on Friday. This is a school project where the class is taking care of the turtles during the week and each of the students takes them home for one weekend.

This weekend is Oskar’s weekend.

He’s pretty excited about them and Thomas is also very curious. From all I can tell via a quick Google image search, these are apparently red-eared sliders. Here they are chilling in our bath tub…

“Chilling” might be actually the wrong term, because: heck, these little guys are mad. Initially I thought we could have them walk around the terrace, but Lamia would not have it. Once I saw them speeding in the bath tub like NASCAR racing cars on a super speedway with massive banking, I had to admit that it would have been a little stressful to have them roam the terrace. I kinda thought turtles are slow movers. Not these ones. They are quite the runners.

Oskar enjoyed them either way…

During the day we have them sit in the little plastic tub they came which we placed on the table on the terrace. At night we get them inside, just to make sure they won’t be eaten by some South-East Asian menace that flies about at night and looks for lunch boxes on terraces.

Right now the two of them are quiet, sitting on top of each other and don’t move at all. 

I hope they are not dead.
They need to power through a few more hours. Tomorrow we’ll return them to the school, and I’d rather it’s not our family who killed the turtles (for the record, they have plenty more in a little water area in school, so they are easily replaced – still would look kinda bad).

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