Next to the supermarket which is close to where Joy and Yann live there’s currently a charming little carousell. So when we took a walk today with the kids, we naturally could not pass by without Oskar and Thomas taking a ride. They picked the bus: Oskar is sitting in the front right, with another kid next to him, and Thomas is sitting in the back, chauffeured like a king.

I know what you think: what’s with that comic look?

Well, Apple has launched a new movie making app called “Clips”. It’s supposedly meant to be the movie app for the Instagram and Snapchat generation, so there are some interesting ways to put filters on your movie and hence the square canvas. And I wanted to try this out. I guess I could have done better framing and setting up the clip, but bear with me: I am still learning.

And the kids really had fun.

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