Family photo


Nagi had asked me yesterday to take a photo of the family and it came as it had to come: we were kinda busy during the day, we ran late and then the kids were ready to go to bed. And we will fly to Germany tomorrow. So it had to be right then and there.

I got my camera and figured out a way to have it stable enough at the right height and angle. It’s nice that I can control my DSLR witch my phone, which made this actually a manageable feat (with a 10 second timer I would have had to run quick like the wind to be on the photo, too, because I placed the camera on the kitchen pass-through and there is no direct way from the kitchen to the living and dining room).

I like the outcome – it’s a nice photo of all of us.

To see how things looked like during the set up, click below…

Kinda hilarious, innit?

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