Ménagerie – Le Zoo du Jardin des Plantes


After a quiet and restful night (also thanks to Joïakine’s and Yann’s generosity of giving us both their bed room and the guest room, just as they did during our last visit in December) we had breakfast and then went to visit the Ménagerie, a lovely little park in Paris that also is a zoo (walking distance of the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle, by the way).

Joy, Yann, Constance and Daad joined us for this visit and here’s a group photo after we had just entered the zoo. Everybody looks beautiful, but Oskar was not having any of it, obviously…

We first wanted to go and see the giant turtles, but there was no tortoise, big or small, at the building where they were supposed to reside. But there were some cute hippo sculptures which made for some nice family photos…

Thomas was more into this than Oskar… (though he might not really look like it).

He even was okay to sit in one of the hippo’s mouth.

And here are all the kids riding the big hippo…

After this exhausting exercise we had to take a break to feed the little hungry mouths. Oskar was done quickly and checked the map for where to go next.

We walked on to see orangutans, red pandas, flamingos and a bunch of other animals. We even found the giant turtles in another house. I did not take many photos because I only brought my 24-70 mm lens on this trip, not the 70-300 mm one (it was a tough call and it was the right one, even though it hurts in a situation like this). Here is a simple collage of the few beasts I took photos of. Not my best work, but still okay.

After 2 hours or so it was time to go back home for lunch. But what a a nice place. And even though the temperature was a little on the chilly side, we had blue skies and sun.

Paris never disappoints…

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