Märchengarten #1: the first few steps


One of the things I wanted to do with the kids while in Germany was visiting the Fairytale Gardens at Blühendes Barock. It’s not a sensational place to visit, but it is nicely done and situated in the lovely park area of Castle Ludwigsburg. I was also wondering how would Oskar discover the little miracles compared to Tatjana.

We were joined by my mom and Alex, who even took a day off so we could spend time together.

I like these gardens. It’s not Singapore, but they are a little whimsical and there are little things that can make you smile.

When we arrived in the morning, the weather was mostly cloudy, but it was not too cold and there were barely any other people besides us.

Oskar liked that fountain and he was watching a heron that was sitting in the lake for a while.

From the lake we made our way into the depths of the gardens…

Oskar was excited.

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