Märchengarten #17: The boat ride


Another classic in the gardens is the boat ride. There are a bunch of blue boats which I swear have always looked like this and will keep on looking like this in 1000 years, I am sure.

One boat was too small to take all of us at once, so we made two groups. The first one being Oskar, Lamia and my mom. Looking at the photo below you can tell who had fun who had not…

Alex, Thomas and I took the second boat. Now, the 5 min or so boat ride itself is utterly unremarkable: you float along the little canal, passing some tunnels in which you have scenes of some fairytales (but I cannot recall which ones) and that’s it. The landscaping is quite decent and one of the tunnels comes in the shape of a big fish that swallows you (also has been the same since I was a kid – I always liked this idea).

In general, however, it is just a peaceful ride (well, once Thomas stopped crying for mommy) and we took a few photos of us. Here’s Alex:

I actually cannot thank Alex enough for joining us, even having taken a day off. He was as always super great with the kids and also kept my mom entertained – I could not ask more in a friend and I don’t think I showed my appreciation enough (so – yeah – let’s do it here, unpersonally, in this blog… but seriously: thank you, buddy!).

Here’s Thomas and I. You can tell that he would have preferred to be in the boat with Lamia… well, though luck, homeboy! 

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