Märchengarten #2: Rapunzel


You know that Disney movie you liked, “Tangled“? Well, this is based on the classic fairytale “Rapunzel”. The gist of the original is there’s a pretty girl of royal heritage locked in the tower under false pretense (which a 3-year old could have seen through) by a witch, gets knocked up by a prince, then is abandoned, the prince loses his eye sight and then they yet find each other in a desert, where by some magic his eyes recover, he can see her again – but also the twins she has given birth to in the meantime.

You’d think the prince would jump on his horse an get away, but apparently they lived happily ever after.

Now that you are current on the fairytale, here’s what you do at the Rapunzel tower. You stand below and yell:

Oskar: Rapunzel, Rapunzel – lass Dein Haar herunter!

If you do it well enough, the braid will be lowered. Not further than what you see in the above photos, mind you. Which is a pity. I mean: I’ve been here when I was a kid and yelled for Rapunzel’s hair. I’d really like to climb up that hair and check how the broad looks like who sits at its other end. It is curious that the hair apparently hasn’t grown since I was a child…

Anyway. Thomas was indifferent to all that commotion and yelling.

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