Märchengarten #3: Fütter mich!


For some reasons, one of the things I have vivid childhood memories of in the fairytale gardens is this dragon.

What this is is basically a fancy paper trashbin. The dragon says:

Fütter mich! Fütter mich!

Feed me! Feed me! And then you toss in some paper or a snotty handkerchief and he goes:


Thank you! – and he says it in an kinda approving tone. 
The whole thing is pretty buggy and the reaction to tossing something in is quite laggy. No idea why this made such an impression on me when I was a child, but then again, Oskar also kept respectful distance and had Oma feed the beast.

I can’t help but think that he carefully takes a “Better her than me” approach here…

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