Höhenpark Killesberg #1: Playground


This morning Alex, Silke and Fabian took us to a tour around Höhenpark Killesberg, a lovely park area in Stuttgart. I have not been here in many years (it actually might be a decade or something), so I enjoyed to rediscover this place. We started off with visiting a pretty vast playground. The kids loved it right away.

Thomas took to the swings…

… and Oskar joined his buddy Fabian on this big spinning disc.

Fabian took his little trick to quite artistic levels:

Meanwhile at the stables:

And at the construction site:

They also have this wooden train engine that Oskar enjoyed climbing on. I mean – yeah – what’s a toddler gonna do?

Then there is this slide which is called “Schnecke” (snail) if I recall right and Silke pointed out that she was sliding on it when she was Oskar’s age (which only tells us, of course, that she is still very young). Oskar spend quality time on it…

There is also a setup of channels that let the kids to control the water flowing by strategically placing little rocks and mud. Oskar had a lot of fun doing this.

There are also some exciting forts and one of them features this awesome rope tunnel.
Also, a great photo!

Here our wonderful hosts, as always:

It’s also so great that Oskar and Thomas really like Alex and Silke and Fabian. I love this photo here of Silke with Oskar…

This is when we had a little picnic right here at the playground, which was really nice, too.
Naturally, Alex showed who’s the coolest dad around when he grabbed Oskar and Fabian and carried them around like two sacks of potatoes.

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