Höhenpark Killesberg #3: Killesbergturm


The Killesberg tower was constructed some 15+ years ago and is a must see when you are at Höhenpark Killesberg. It’s been a few years since I’ve been at the top and while it only takes you 40 m above ground, the swinging that you experience at the top can be a little unsettling if you are afraid of heights like me.

Silke was so sweet to wait for us below together with Thomas and take him around in his stroller, while the rest of us made our way up the double-helix to the top.

Oskar was a courageous little trooper and nearly walked up to the top all by himself. Alex took this photo of him with Lamia and me,

Now, I like this tower and the experience to go up and down. The view is less spectacular than you might expect given the elevated location on a hill, however. The Stuttgart skyline is just not very interesting. I stayed behind as the others climbed down, trying to capture an interesting photo, but at this time of the day there was no photo I took with the lens I had brought with me worth keeping. It’s possible my 70-300 zoom would have unveiled something more exciting than the rather dull, flat view presenting itself to a wide angle lens. Not to worry: Stuttgart is maybe not a pretty city, but it’s a pretty good place to live.

Much nicer was of course the view that presented itself as I made my way down to meet the others.

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