Höhenpark Killesberg #5: Killesbergbahn


There is a lovely train running through the park area, and different from the fun but rather basic one at Blühendes Barock in Ludwigsburg, this one is the real deal.

The tracks circle pretty much all of the park and the ride is really nice. There are two kinds of trains running on the tracks: a more modern Diesel engine and a classic steam engine (which is the one everybody wants to ride on, really).

We bought tickets and then we had to wait till it was our turn.

I just love how Oskar and Fabian are interacting. Fabian is really sweet and patient with smaller kids.
Eventually, the train arrived:

Yeah, I know: isn’t this awesome?

Before the ride continues, the engineer is checking everything’s okay with the engine.

And then off we went. Oskar was sitting with Fabian, Alex and Silke and he clearly enjoyed himself.

Thomas was sitting with me and Lamia one compartment further and I could not get a good angle to take a photo of him. But he seemed to enjoy himself, too. Not sure he did as much as Oskar, though. Look at him…

Maybe the love for trains that runs in part of the family will manifest itself in him, who knows?

After the train ride we walked back to the cars and drove home.
Thank you as always to Alex, Silke and Fabian to spend this time with us and showing us around – this was a beautiful morning and afternoon.

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