Pointing at things at Museum am Löwentor


I’ve always had a weak spot for dinosaurs. I think I recall that when I was age 9 or 10, I already had a few books about dinosaurs and one of them I especially loved because of the beautiful drawing. I’ve forgot the title, but there is one particular drawing that I copied (I think it was a giant snake trying to strangle some large herbivore) and I was very proud of it (I also remember that Tilo and Marc were there that day and if memory serves, they did not praise my work as much as I thought at the time they should have… I wished I knew where that drawing went and where this book is now).

Anyway – so I am always for visiting a museum about dinosaurs. The “Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart – Museum am Löwentor” has a nice set of fossil, dinosaur and other pre-historic exhibitions and I hoped the kids would enjoy themselves.

And they were quite excited. Thomas was quite intrigued and this visit turned out to be a collection under the title “Thomas pointing at things”.
Here’s exhibit #1:

The dioramas are nicely done. I like this one here with the beasts in the lake…

Thomas with pre-historic hunters:

Oskar with one of the most impressive exhibition pieces: a mammoth skeleton.

Thomas pointing at things #2:

I also like this size comparison:

The side view photo is of course a must. I never get that one perfectly right.

Thomas pointing at things #3:

Thomas pointing at things #4:

I love this principle photo of Thomas sitting at the excavation sandbox for kids, looking at the largest dinosaur diorama in the museum. I had only fractions of a second to take this photo before he moved and other people moved into the frame. The result is that at the used aperture of f2.8 my focus was not where it should be and is somewhere inbetween Thomas and the actual diorama. This would normally mean that I would erase the photo. It’s just that I love the setting so much, that I still kept it (but it kills me).

Here is Thomas with Lamia at the excavation sandbox where kids can dig in the dirt and “discover” dinosaur fossils.

It’s just a damn box with some rubble inside, but kids love it and Oskar spend most of the time in the museum in here…

While Oskar was busy there, Thomas was charming an older woman with his sunny predisposition.

I cannot blame her – he’s just such a cutie:

Afterwards we fed the kids in the museum’s official food consumption area. Which is next to the toilets. Convenient, sure, but I had suggested to just feed on the comfy seating areas inside the exhibition, but we were shooed away by someone grumpy from the museum’s staff.

Still a nice visit and the kids seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

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