Visiting the zoo in style


This morning we went to Wilhelma, the combined zoo and botanic gardens of Stuttgart. The Wilhelma is a beautiful, wide spread park area. I’ve been here many times over the years since I was little and while some of the enclosures of the zoo have not changed a bit during that time, new attractions and little details added in the past 10 years or so kept the place interesting.

Before we entered we found out that Lamia had forgotten her sweater I had forgotten to bring Lamia’s sweater (I had of course thought of the coats for the kids, but really missed to pack Lamia’s sweater on top and we both did not check again before we left home). Once we had entered Lamia went to the zoo gift shop to buy a sweater there. I mean: they must have something okayish, right? 



And this was the best thing in a size for adults they’ve had. Hum – it looks… wild, right?
I knew two things: (1) today would be the single day Lamia would wear this thing and (2) this will go directly on the divorce list – and who can blame her?

I did not take many photos today, and most of the time was devoted to the kids, ensuring they would see a few nice things. So here is a lose snapshot collection during the day/ It’s certainly not a complete overview of what we visited, but we did start with the penguin enclosure, indeed.

Lamia and Thomas – both impeccably dressed:

A zoo visit is always exciting…

After the aquarium / terrarium house we watched the sea lion show. This show is much better than what I remembered from the past.

Here is one of the two new lions the Wilhelma recently added to their inhabitants. We were lucky that this little guy was quite active and enjoyed the rays of sun that came out later in the day…

At the giraffe enclosure a bunch of teenagers were very vocal about how terrible zoos are and that this could be especially seen here: according to them, giraffes in the wild will never sit or lie down.

They might be right, but I do think that zoos have an important role in education and animal preservation.

Be it as it might, we enjoyed the little excursion to see some amazing animals andthe visit passed by quickly.
And looking at so many animal is tiring…

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