Accidental birthday lunch place


Today’s my birthday and for lunch we drove up Kappelberg to Panorama restaurant. The place has a nice view and we were lucky with the weather.

Actually, I had accidentally booked this restaurant. The initial idea had been to go to the restaurant at the foot of Stuttgart’s landmark TV tower and afterwards take the elevator upstairs to enjoy the view over Stuttgart and beyond. Before considering this I had screened through the restaurants in the greater area which I knew were good from past experience. I had to find out that – one by one – each of these restaurants had just shut down more or less a few months ago. I had lots of websites open on my phone with potential places to go to and when I ultimately called a number to book for today, I believed it was the one from the restaurant at the TV tower. But, alas, I picked the wrong one and booked the restaurant at Kappelberg without noticing it was the wrong place (yeah, I think I am much better in planning things out at work than in my private life).

I only noticed my snafu yesterday evening. After being unable to book a table at the TV tower restaurant instead (they have a big party with 200 people or so arriving today which meant there were no tables to book left and that there was a risk we might not get a seat even when arriving before noon) and after comparing the menus, I thought there was no reason to not go through with Panorama restaurant. 

The menu is a weird mix of German and Greek kitchen. The staff is friendly and tries to be funny and the food is alright, though nothing to write much about. We did have a good time nonetheless,

I should have taken some photos on the way to and fro the restaurant, though. Kappelberg is a mountain of a little less than 500 m height and wine is grown on its hangs which makes for some great views.

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