Drip, drip, drip


In the last few days we notice that the air conditioning in Oskar and Thomas’ room was dripping water. It got so bad that we actually had to stop using it at night. That’s of course a problem in a country where the temperature is in the high 20s even at night and  the humidity rarely goes below 70%. Turns out our airco service contract had ended and we had missed to renew with these guys (boggles the mind: if I ran a business I would pro-actively try to re-contract existing customers, but okay…).

When an airco gets dirty, the filters and other shit inside clog up and then you have water dripping, because it cannot drain through the normal drainage pipe.

We called our airco service guys, confirmed we would re-contract and – hey! – they were able to squeeze us in as an emergency and thus showed up today to clean all our aircos. The kids were excited…

At one point they would have just needed some popcorn and a Coke to make this even more enjoyable…

Now all the aircos are working as intended again and they noticably cool the rooms better.

Love it!

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