Early Father’s Day


Lamia was in the city in the morning and when she came home I was rushing to get Oskar to his football class, so I did not notice a big bag she was carrying when she came home. When Oskar and I came back from football, Lamia and Thomas were gone to French class, but this stood on the dining table.

The writing says:

Happy Father’s Day (a bit in advance)

In classic manner, I do not expect any gifts for Father’s Day. And I did certainly not expect anything five days ahead of time. I had a peek in the bag and got very excited. Lamia gave her permission over WhatsApp that Oskar and I could open the bag. And here we go:

A bloody juicer! With green apple! Oh my!
I always wanted to have one and Lamia always said that we did not have space to put it (which is true). It looks like my constant whining finally got through (which is a technique I’ve learned from my children).

This is so cool! Thank you so much, Lamia x x x

Here’s the juicer later in the day when everybody was back home:


And the juice is as good as I had hoped.

(… but the claim that you can clean the machine in a minute is bullshit – I’d say 10 minutes is more realistic if you don’t spend too much time on the knife element. Still pretty quick, though.)

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