White belt in hair dressing


We normally have the kids hair cut at the QB House for Kids at Vivocity. These guys do a very nice job and the kids can watch and play on an iPad in front of them. If the queues are not too long I often get my hair cut there as well (but – believe it or not – I’m not playing with the iPads).

What a bad surprise it was when we got there today and we had to find out that the hair dresser had closed. Curses! That sure sucks. Even worse, our initial fallback option, a similar hair dresser at Toys’R’Us next door had shut down, too. I was massively annoyed. I felt we had wasted a lot of time in the morning already because we arrived at the kids’ swim classes and they did not happen because of a thunderstorm. Then we took the rather long MRT ride to Harbourfront, just to find out that the shop we had come here for was closed and the next best one, too.


In the hope to make the trip still count, we moved on to Harbourfront Centre which is adjacent to Vivocity. They have a Baby Spa shop there and after a quick call I was assured they’d also do kids’ haircuts. So we walked over and they confirmed again they’d be very happy to cut Oskar’s hair. I looked around…

Leo: Where?!

Baby Spa is more known for their baby massage and water play and sure enough there were a few tubs and water related things in the back. I did not see one of those chairs that I’m expecting when I go to a hair dresser.

The Chinese lady opened a folding chair and asked us to put Oskar there.
That looked fishy.

Leo: But you do know how to cut hair?

Sure, sure, sure. Okay then… Both Lamia and I were both doubtful, but then again I imagined that this might be one of the places where you just have a person who is a very good hair dresser and you do not need all that fancy stuff. You know, like in the karate movies where the best teacher for the upcoming fighter is this old buffer who seems weird and shit, but takes the young one under his wings and helps him to greatness.

Something like this went through my mind and it’s cool when this is actually is true.

In reality, this is just a bunch of bullshit, of course! The Chinese lady did not know what she was doing. Poor Oskar was sitting there patiently and we played little YouTube movies for him on an iPhone while she cut away without the slightest sense of how to evenly cut hair. Lamia would not have it and after a few minutes, when the damage was done, was all over her. Lamia explained what was wrong and we had to realize that it would only get worse. The lady then suggested to try next door (generously without charging money – ho, ho!) and I was dumbstruck: if we had just looked one shop further, there was an EC House, a hair dresser like QB House, and they even had a corner for kids’ hair cuts.

You got to be…

We escaped from that Baby Spa place faster than you can say “Edward Scissorhands” and got in line at EC House. It took a little bit but the hair dresser there did a decent enough job to fix Oskar’s hair and also cut Thomas’. They were even cheaper than the other guys…

We’ll have to find a new kids hair dresser closer to our place.

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