Apple Store at Orchard Road


After Oskar and Thomas’ swim class we went downtown and I had the chance to visit the recently opene Apple flagship store at Orchard Road. In fact, it’s the first official Apple Store in Singapore. There were plenty of other dedicated Apple shops around, of course, and it should not come as a surprise that two of them which were closely located have been already shut down a while ago, arguably anticipating that they would not stand much of a chance against Apple’s own offering.

Right or wrong, I am quite happy that we finally have a “real” Apple Store in Singapore. This will make dealing with technical issues (yes, they happen with Apple gear, too, thanks for asking) much simpler in the future.

The store has two levels but I did not visit the upper floor because I went inside with Thomas in the stroller and did not bother to take the elevator. By and large, this shop looks a lot like any other flagship store, I guess, and I like they also put trees inside this one here. I took a few photos and then played with an iPhone 7 Plus to make use of the double camera system that enables portrait photos with shallow background, much akin to a DSLR with a very fast lens. I took a few photos of Thomas and was impressed – this is pretty great. I was less impressed that when I tried to transfer the photo to my own phone via AirDrop the 7 Plus crashed and restarted. And because it’s a demo phone any photo taken was erased this way. 

Really a pity, because I had taken a really nice photo of Thomas.
Well, I know for sure that next time I buy an iPhone it must have this functionality, though…

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