The Kiwis are here


This morning Claudia arrived from New Zealand with Finn, Henrik and Liev. They are going to continue to Germany tomorrow and they chose Singapore as stop over to relax after the long flight from Wellington. Not sure you realize, but New Zealand is really far away – even from Singapore.

So anyway. Their flight arrived early in the morning and they hit our place shortly before 7 am. We had breakfast together, went to the pool and then made our way to the Gardens by the Bay to visit the Cloud Forest dome. Henrik and Liev were dead tired, but they powered through like little troopers. 

I love this photo (and you can tell that one of the boys was in a grumpy mood):

With so many kids running around, I did not bring my DSLR and once more just took little videos which I stitched together in Apple’s Clips app (this works pretty well, though I wished the editing options were a little more powerful).

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