Fully decked out iPad Pro 12.9″ (2017) – ’nuff said!


I’ve bought the 12.9″ iPad Pro a little more than a year ago, including an Apple Pencil and a Smart Keyboard. And this iPad has proven to be a pretty good laptop replacement for me. Sure: I still cannot do everything I want to do on the iPad alone, but drawing and sketching is just amazing. And though Lightroom Mobile is not yet a full replacement for the desktop version, it really gets close.

As a result, I use my laptop maybe once a week. Likely less and some of the stuff I do I could do on the iPad, too, if I got my shit together with my email account setup. In stark contrast, I use my iPad Pro virtually every day. I don’t travel anymore with my laptop – it’s always the iPad. This justifies for me the upgrade to the new one (and it’s magnificent, thanks for asking). I guess for most people the 10.5″ iPad Pro would be the one to get here, but for me there was not much of a discussion: the 12.9″ option is way better if you want to draw and enjoy that extra space. It’s also nicer when it gets to put two apps next to each other on the screen.

What happens to the old one? I might sell it eventually, but I have another plan for it right now: I will test out how well an iPad can meet my needs in the office. So I’ll install all the Office stuff you can think of and let’s see how this goes. Speed won’t be the problem: the new laptop I got a few months ago at work is a piece of shit and even my first iPad Pro is likely as fast or faster. We’ll see…

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