At the Bread Street Kitchen


Lamia’s birthday was yesterday and I took her out for dinner tonight. This time we decided to try out Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen at the Marina Bay Sands (we had drink here once). I had booked a table for 9 pm and had indicated that it was my wife’s birthday. When they called me yesterday to confirm the booking they mentioned this and asked me to confirm the spelling of Lamia’s name, arguably to do a little something for her. Nice.

After putting the kids to sleep and leaving Aggie in charge, we arrived at the restaurant, were seated at our table and got started with a Whiskey for me and a cocktail for Lamia. Good start.

The very helpful waiter asked whether we needed some advice with the menu and I took him on his offer. I was not sure what to pick and I guess I was hoping to get some insights on some of the items on the menu. What I got was a face of someone who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Waiter: Uh… oh… I guess I just let you guys choose and come back later.

Hum. Okay then… it’s fine. But I would have expected a little more at a place like this.
In the end we ordered prawns and scallops as starters and we both had steak as main with a choice of sides. The food was excellent. Not as good as at Bistecca where we likely had the best steak ever, but it was really good.

I guess the performance of our waiter was the only thing that was not great. Other staff members were actually great, but our waiter was always following a bit short or trying too hard. Maybe he’s new.

When I got the check, I went through the items and saw a “Birthday Plate”, which had been included as free item. The only thing is: we never got it. So I asked our waiter about that and sure enough, out of nothing (at the time when I wanted to pay and we were about to leave the place), he and another waiter appeared with the below plate, singing “Happy Birthday”.

It’s a basic gesture, but it’s very sweet. It would have been better, of course, if they had actually thought of it earlier. We luckily had not chosen any dessert, so this was a good ending of the night, but a restaurant like this, at this price range, should get little things like these right.

While I do not think I would come here again soon for food this was a very nice evening with wonderful company and a really good meal.

Happy birthday again, sweet girl!

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