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Token of appreciation


One of our Coke bottles we bought at RedMart lost all of its gas in storage.
I complained to Coke Singapore via Twitter and they sent me as an apology two of these token coins here which apparently can be used in any Coke vending machine in Singapore.

I did not know this existed…

Beaming with joy


I was looking for someone who could lend me a saw so I could take the remains of the bed frame apart and stuff them into the condo's trash bins. I recalled that Hsien is quite the handyman and indeed: when I was asking for a simple saw, he said he did not have one. What he did have, however, was a wonderful set of power tools.

Not only did he and Linda invite us for brunch this morning but Hsien even passed by our place with his car, so we could bring the beams easier to their place. Super nice! He showed me how to use the mitre saw…

… and then I had a go at cutting the beams into little pieces.

Quite fun, I have to say.

The Kiwis are back


Claudia, Henrik and Liev arrived this morning at Changi airport and reached our place around 8:20 am. They are on the way back to New Zealand. Henrik had reportedly not slept the whole flight and also not much during the day. When I came home from work in the evening he was pretty exhausted.

Liev was also tired, but he and Oskar had a lot of fun together.

In general I can tell that Oskar really enjoys having Henrik and Liev visiting – especially Liev who is in a particularly compatible age.

Lamia is at a team dinner tonight, but Claudia treated the rest of us to food from our favorite Thai restaurant. I also enjoyed having her here and once the kids were in bed, we were sitting on the balcony and chatted over one of Yann's awesome Vodka Lemon Drop cocktails.

They'll continue their trip tomorrow.
And yes: New Zealand is really far away from anywhere…



Since the beginning of June Thomas is going to school. This is particularly unusual for us because just a few weeks ago Oskar has entered the summer vacation period, so he is home the whole day while his little brother has to go to school.

So far I have not written about this and it has become one of the situations where I feel terrible that I have not yet "reported" as much on this important milestone as I did for Oskar. The truth is also that this whole experience has gone much more smoothly when compared to the one we had with Oskar. This is of course also due to us being more seasoned parents by now. Thomas is going to the same school we sent Oskar to, so we know what to expect and we know they are not a shitty place (like the first one that we tried out for a week when Oskar got started).

Lamia joined the first few days like she did with Oskar and Thomas did do pretty well. When she left for an hour on the second day and then even longer on the third day, he gave her the same desperate and heartbreaking crying of being abandoned that Oskar did. Call me a sissy, but I am glad I did not have to be there for that. Thank you, lamia, for taking another bullet x x x. These situations are terrible: it's the right thing for your kid, but there is no way you can explain it to them.

Since then Thomas has done really good. Once the first days had passed, Aggie brought him to the school every morning. And while he was also crying when she dropped him off, this stopped after roughly 2 weeks. Furthermore, he is a very healthy eater at the school, typically eating two bowls – that's a lot of food for a 1-year-old. And eating well in school is a sign that things go not too bad.

Thomas' development in general is remarkable: he does not speak much, yet, but like Oskar he understands when spoken to in German, French and English. Speech is slowly forcing it's way, however, and we can make out more and more things he is seemingly trying to say. He is such a smart little guy and everything he does has a touch of utter cuteness. The way he runs around, then maybe picking up a stool and carrying it dutifully where he thinks it should be, then looking under the sofa for a toy and then hearing a sound from the street and going into action to find out what's happening is so much fun.
He also wants and loves to help. He has started to show the same interest in cleaning as Oskar did at the same age and he wants to dress or undress or change his diaper himself. As mentioned above, he is still a healthy eater, though – relatively – he does not eat as much anymore as he used to. This shows also in the fact that he is less chubby now and by his body beginning to "streamline". I am curious how much he will follow Oskar's body growth.

And then Thomas has started to realize that he can demand things, and he is not shy in letting us know. I guess the "terrible twos" will hit us hard with this one.

But just like Oskar, Thomas is so completely and amazingly cute and sweet that it makes me smile just thinking of him.
I've said it before and I say it again: I cannot believe how lucky I am.