A bed for Thomas


After my infamous visit to IKEA on the weekend, the sleeping sofa and Thomas’ bed were delivered today. Very exciting, especially because I wanted Thomas to finally have his own “real” bed. Alas, when I checked the delivery it turned out his mattress had a little damage. Nothing bad, but this is not okay for a new item. I did confirm with IKEA that it was okay to use the mattress until they bring a replacement on Saturday, so I started building the bed.

Not so easy with the kids running between my legs, but ultimately the bed was assembled, pillows and sheets were applied and Thomas could climb into his bed for the first time. I think he liked it…

Thomas has always moved a lot in the baby cot at night and we are a little worried how long it will take him to adjust. When we put him to bed tonight it took a little longer for him to calm down than usual, but eventually he was falling asleep as on every other evening. The new pillow does not yet work for him, but he’ll get used to it eventually. 

Another big step in growing up…

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