After I had sold the mattress we still had the big wooden slatted frame sitting in the house. This was easier to handle than the mattress, mind you, but I had to find a way to get rid of that one, too. Not too long ago, our condo had a pick-up service even for bulky items like this one: you would place it near to the trash chute and then somehow the little elves would come and take it away for you.

Those were the days.

Now you have to carry everything to the back of the condo and stuff it into the bins yourself or – if the item is too voluminous – you have to call a service to pick it up for 50 or 60 SGD (I wrote about this already when I got rid of my old wall clock). No way was I going to pay for having the frame picked up. But there was also no way to sell it. So I decided to first take it apart and then find a way to cut it into smaller pieces.

Oskar and Thomas were watching interested as I was taking apart that bloody thing.

Well, okay: they were watching more or less.

Anyway, the different beams of the frame were glued together and there were of course pins connecting them. Not easy to disassemble when you don't own a saw. The soft pine wood didn't make it easy to utilize a screwdriver as a wedge either. But then I drilled through the pins and managed to disconnect two of the beams. With the structure weakened at that spot and then at another, I could take the whole thing apart rather easily.

Here are the beams and the slats…

Now I just have to find someone who can help me cut these into small pieces, so I can stuff them into the trash bins without raising too much suspicion…

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