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My company held a TEDx event at Victoria theatre today. It’s the third time this takes place in Singapore and I got to say it was a pretty good day. The theatre is an awesome place for an event like this and even though most of the talks were not necessarily great, many were pretty good or even exceptional.

I like that every session started with an artistic performance. The first one was a Singaporean Acappella group, called The Apex Project.

Those kids are really good, but I thought it’s a pity that their performance was a long best-of medley of BeyoncĂ© songs (from Destiny’s Child to current). This was so obvious after a while that it made me laugh because it was sort of ridiculous. Still – pretty good.

Then the talks: the morning session was really good, with two weak kick-offs but then some really good talks about social media, entrepreneurship and realizing your dreams. That last one was a talk by Richard Browning, a guy who talked about building a real life Iron Man suit. Not only did he talk about that – he also demonstrated flying it in front of the theatre. A million people took movies of that. Here’s mine:

Very impressive. Actually, I was impressed enough to take a selfie with him…

Then there was lunch. Then the next session was kicked off by a stunning performance of Deluxe Cirque – very nice:

Session 2 started with a fantastic talk of Steve Winter who is a photographer at National Geographic and is well known for his photos of big cats. I did not know his name, but I was stunned that I recognized one of his photos as one of the standard background images of MacOS X (not his best photo, mind you, but still cool that I knew it).
This was followed by some more or less solid talks.

Then we had a coffee break which I chose to spend with friendly people at the nearby Starbucks versus the crowded place where everybody else went:

The final session was kicked of by Fire Dancers, which were okay, but did not impress me as much as the other two artistic performances.

I left early after that – in fact after Singapore’s Uber CEO who did not have anything interesting to say, to be frank. I missed the talk of Google’s Head of Global Strategy AR and VR, but it go late and I wanted to see my kids. I admit that would have been interesting, especially given that it feels like Apple has just eaten Google’s lunch when it comes to AR – but Google is obviously always a company to keep an eye on.

Maybe another time.

So, overall a very good day and I had a lot of fun.
Worthwhile going next year, too.

Edit August 2:
Here’s news coverage of Richard Browning’s flight.