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Lamia and I had a drink at the new Rock Bar next to our villa in the evening. So we are standing at the bar, deciding which drink to pick when the guy behind the bar says:

Guy behind the bar: You guys were here a year ago, right?

Eh, what?!
Unless somebody told him and this is a pretty smart ploy to make the guests feel special, this is pretty impressive. He said that back then he was working in the resort’s restaurant and of course had seen us several times.

And the drinks were good, too.

Walking the island


Once it was done raining, we decided to have a little walk around the island. Last time we did not really get to do this. But with both kids being now in good “walking condition”, this was easier to manage.

A few little things changed on the island since our last visit. So we were staying again at the same water front villa. Last time they were building on a structure next to it and this was complete now: the Rock Bar. Pretty neat. If it is not too loud at night, it’s pretty awesome that we can have a nightcap by just walking 20 meters from our villa.


The connected deck with the parasol and sunloungers already existed, too, but I think it was not really in use. Nice flora around here, too (after the break).

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Waiting for the boat


The trip through Malaysia went smoothly and we had arrived early at the resort's office in Mersing. We had to kill one hour for the boat to take us to the island would arrive. Nothing new here (except that they've renovated the office).

Eventually it was time and we made our way to the jetty from which we got on board.

We're nearly there…