Paddle boat



Today we rented a paddle boat and Lamia and Nagi took Oskar for a ride onto the sea. He enjoyed himself, though these are not designed for three people, so Oskar did not have a proper seat.

And while Oskar was far out at sea, Thomas enjoyed some special time with Aggie.


He likely had more fun than Lamia and Nagi, because steering that damn paddle boat is really a pain. The reaction time to a change of direction of the rudder is even slower than you would think…


Now how would I know this? Well…


I am laughing on this photo, but really, I am cursing that stupid boat. It got even worse when Nagi’s seat broke. The plastic was very brittle already and while the back rest had been already quite unreliable, it eventually broke and a long crack made it even more uncomfortable.

Never mind, though: Oskar had fun.

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