Computing future


For Rawa Island I had of course brought my iPad Pro, my camera and the Lightning adapter for SD cards. This way I can import the RAW photos directly to the iPad and then to Lightroom Mobile. I’ve written about that before.

In that same post, I also mentioned the short comings of Lightroom at the time:

I really wished Lightroom Mobile would also include:
• sharpening
• noise reduction
• GPS editing or addition
• keywords (please synced with the existing ones in Lightroom Desktop)
• other EXIF modifications (time shift correction would have been nice)

On the first night on Rawa island I downloaded the first batch of photos, opened Lightroom and… was blown away. I had not opened the app in a while and obviously there had been a significant update to it.

Apart from a significant improvement to the user interface I now also have all the editing options I normally use literally at my fingertips. So sharpening and noise reduction? Done. Plus some other tools, though the interface improvement goes a long way to make me extremely happy with this update.



Still no GPS editing, keywords and other EXIF modifications, but these were lower on my list and I can wait for that.

It’s even more enjoyable now to work in Lightroom on the iPad. While I still make sure I sync everything with my laptop because the iPad is still only a temporary device to hold my photos, I enjoy the photography workflow on the iPad way more than on my Mac.

Give it a year or two more and I might not use a Mac anymore at all.

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