Paradise Island trip, take 2


It feels like we’ve just come back from Rawa Island, but this already 2 weeks ago. Well, okay: we did just come back from Rawa Island. And today we are leaving to the next resort with Fely and Nagi: Nikoi Island in Indonesia.

I am hearing from colleagues that Nikoi is a truly amazing place and I am really curious how it will compare to Rawa which I think is truly excellent.

We were picked up in the morning once more by a maxi cab which took us to Tanja Merah Ferry Terminal. This is the place from where we will have to take a ferry to Bintan.

The ferry operator requests passengers to be at the terminal 2 hours before the boat leaves.  This is rubbish! An hour will do and you can likely cut this even closer. We’ve taken ferries from here before and we should have known better but we wanted to make sure nothing goes wrong.

So we had to wait a little…


But time flies when you are in good company.


Oskar and Thomas both have really grown and soon they will be 4 and 2 years old…


The ferry was eventually ready for boarding and we rushed to the boat so we would get these excellent front seats for the kids.


Crossing to Bintan is pretty much exactly a one hour ride and then you have to move through immigration. It was then that I realized that Nikoi Island is indeed a top tier destination to travel to: guests were welcomed already ahead of immigration and while you queue they take care of your luggage.

Very nice.

The next step in the journey is driving by car to the other side of Bintan. As the cars are being readied the Nikoi staff had us wait in a lounge where we were served free water, soft drinks and disgusting Nescafé coffee.


Love the photo: did not realize there was this huge grinning face in the background until I looked at it again when I uploaded the photo for this entry.

Our two cars were ready shortly after we took this picture (and yes, in case you’ve wondered: we dragged our two car seats with us also along on this trip).

I was with Oskar and Fely in one car, Lamia was with Thomas and Nagi in the other. The car ride was another hour or so and it was extended a little because Thomas was throwing up a little (again good service – the drivers stayed in touch with each other and when this happened, our driver stopped the car and we waited for Lamia and the others to see how Thomas was doing).

In the end we arrived at Nikoi Island’s headquarter on the Bintan side where a bunch of people were already waiting for us. We all boarded the speed boat and 20 minutes later we arrived on Nikoi Island.

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