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Lamia and I had a drink at the new Rock Bar next to our villa in the evening. So we are standing at the bar, deciding which drink to pick when the guy behind the bar says:

Guy behind the bar: You guys were here a year ago, right?

Eh, what?!
Unless somebody told him and this is a pretty smart ploy to make the guests feel special, this is pretty impressive. He said that back then he was working in the resort’s restaurant and of course had seen us several times.

And the drinks were good, too.

The French have arrived…


Lamia and Oskar went to pick up our guests for the next few weeks from the airport.
So the above photo shows excerpts of the luggage collection required to survive the next few weeks in Singapore… (well, and the luggage required to bring us treasures like wine, crêpes, Macaron and of course cheese. Lots of cheese. Lamia is thrilled (ha-ha).

Welcome to Singapore, Feli and Nagi!



As we re-arranged furniture in the house with Thomas getting his own real bed I had tried to get rid of the old guest mattress but also his baby cot and the changing table via Carousell. The mattress went, but baby cot and changing table did not find a single interested buyer.

I then contacted the Salvation Army and arranged for a pick-up which had a few weeks lead time. In the meantime we had also included the electrical bottle warmer, the microwave steam sterilizer and some other things (all getting now love on Carousell either, despite being in really good condition).

Today the guys came and picked up everything…

I hope this will make life for a few other families better.

It's kind of hilarious how the two guys in the above photo not only virtually look identical, but also walk the same way.



After I had sold the mattress we still had the big wooden slatted frame sitting in the house. This was easier to handle than the mattress, mind you, but I had to find a way to get rid of that one, too. Not too long ago, our condo had a pick-up service even for bulky items like this one: you would place it near to the trash chute and then somehow the little elves would come and take it away for you.

Those were the days.

Now you have to carry everything to the back of the condo and stuff it into the bins yourself or – if the item is too voluminous – you have to call a service to pick it up for 50 or 60 SGD (I wrote about this already when I got rid of my old wall clock). No way was I going to pay for having the frame picked up. But there was also no way to sell it. So I decided to first take it apart and then find a way to cut it into smaller pieces.

Oskar and Thomas were watching interested as I was taking apart that bloody thing.

Well, okay: they were watching more or less.

Anyway, the different beams of the frame were glued together and there were of course pins connecting them. Not easy to disassemble when you don't own a saw. The soft pine wood didn't make it easy to utilize a screwdriver as a wedge either. But then I drilled through the pins and managed to disconnect two of the beams. With the structure weakened at that spot and then at another, I could take the whole thing apart rather easily.

Here are the beams and the slats…

Now I just have to find someone who can help me cut these into small pieces, so I can stuff them into the trash bins without raising too much suspicion…

Who wants to pick up a big load of break-your-back?


With new IKEA furniture entering the house other things need to go.

Last time I used Carousell I’ve been rather successful. When we decided to get rid of our big guest mattress that we are using when we have visitors, it was only natural I would try that service again. With Thomas’ new bed having arrived it seemed also like a good time to sell off the baby cot and the changing table.

A Latex mattress is difficult to sell, however. Especially in Singapore. It’s bulky and heavy and people typically do not have the access to cars people in Europe or the US have. So how would anyone pick up this baby here?

190x160x20 cm of Belgian pride (though purchased in Italy).
Before we put it on Carousell we cleaned the mattress covers. Above you see the outside. Then there is the light inner cover and then there’s of course the core.

It looks beaten and this should not be a surprise: the mattress is more than 10 years old. Despite its age, it is actually still very nice to sleep on which is why we felt comfortable to try and sell it.
Demand was not really going through the roof after I had placed the ad and I even spent an extra 7 bucks to bump the listing up over the weekend. Seemingly to no avail. Eventually I had a few folks interested, but the discussion normally stopped after sharing the above photo and confirming the age of the mattress.

So I started to check whether the Salvation Army might be interested in a donation. As I did this, another person on Carousell was interested and asked whether he would be allowed to pass by and have a look. I had him visiting on Wednesday. Looks like he’s a cab driver, at least he drove one here (and I was hoping he would buy, so I could see how he’d manage to squeeze the mattress into the car). In the end he was not fully convinced by the firmness, however, and after I showed him a torn piece on the edge of the core he concluded it was not worth taking the risk to take such an old mattress. 

Fair enough. The conversation went such that I think I could have actually convinced him to buy if I had been a little less honest. But clearly, I am not going to make someone pick up a heavy item, pay me for it and then leave him feel cheated.

After this it seemed that nobody else was interested anymore. Likewise for the baby cot and the changing table for which I got literally zero requests. I followed up with the Salvation Army, sent them photos and they agreed today to come by in 2 weeks to view and pick up all the items. 

Then I got another interested party via Carousell who wanted to pass by this weekend to have a look at the mattress. This person seemed to be pretty serious about it and I thought maybe they would buy. And then I got again a surprise message from the cab driver who asked me whether I’d reduce the price a little further and he would come tonight and pick it up.

Huh! Turns out he was considering cutting the mattress into pieces to use it as seat cushions. Well, sure. He showed up, paid the agreed amount and took the mattress home. Too bad I did not see how he fit it into his cab, but I saw him drive away. He must have managed to somehow get it in.

So now I have only two pieces left as donation for the Salvation Army. Based on my conversations with them they were very happy to take the cot and the changing table and were not sure about the mattress, so I don’t think they will be too disappointed.