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Beach fun


The weather was cloudy the whole day, but I do appreciate less sun, actually, while others were not as happy with that…

Lamia:┬áIt’s cold!

But cold or not, it was still possible to have fun at the beach. Here’s Oskar racing to the water…


… where he finds Maman.


Thomas, in the meanwhile, made sure his bucket would not run out of sand.


It’s a tough job, which is why it can only be done by a toddler with the right attitude to ensure the job is done properly.


And when others are taking a break, the diligent digger remains on the case until every little sand corn is accounted for.


Waiting for the boat


The trip through Malaysia went smoothly and we had arrived early at the resort's office in Mersing. We had to kill one hour for the boat to take us to the island would arrive. Nothing new here (except that they've renovated the office).

Eventually it was time and we made our way to the jetty from which we got on board.

We're nearly there…