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Waiting for the boat


The trip through Malaysia went smoothly and we had arrived early at the resort's office in Mersing. We had to kill one hour for the boat to take us to the island would arrive. Nothing new here (except that they've renovated the office).

Eventually it was time and we made our way to the jetty from which we got on board.

We're nearly there…

Another trip to Rawa Island


Okay, we've done this before, but we're doing it again because: reasons. And if you must now, because it was awesome! So yes, this morning we are going to Rawa Island. Again.

Just as last time, the bus picked us up around 7:30 am and then we drove to the border to Malaysia. We stepped out for the passport checks at the Singaporean side and then stepped out again with all our luggage on the Malaysian side.

Here's me with Thomas after we had passed through the first step:

And here is all of us after the second step:

And then there was smooth sailing to Mersing where we would take the boat to the island. Here's us in the bus…

… plus Thomas, of course, whom I could not fit into that previous photo:



Aggie had arrived from the Philippines, where she had attended the wedding of her brother, just a little ahead of us. But when we eventually got home she had already aired the rooms and there was even food – so great!

We were already busy emptying much of our luggage tonight because we had a lot of chocolate that had to be put in the fridge quickly and this way we could also start a washing machine.

We put the kids to bed around 10 pm. Let’s see how they’ll do with the jetlag…

14 hours later


For our flight back to Singapore I had insisted that we book Premium Economy: more leg space, larger seats, nicer screens in the event that Lamia and I have an hour or two to watch something… it felt like a little reward for taking another long haul flight within a relatively short period of time. And – oh joy! – they seated us once more all together in the front row, where we had even more space. Nice job, Air France!

Here we are in our seats:

Now, you might recall that the flight in regular Economy class to Paris was much nicer than what I had thought.
So logically, Premium Economy will be better, right?


Well, turns out it’s not. And there is a simple reason for it: when you have three seats next to each other in Economy class for four persons, the fact that you can lift up the arm rests inbetween seats is making things actually quite comfortable for the kids and us. In contrast, Premium Economy has fat arm rests which are full of little magical things which are nice when you travel alone (USB, power outlets, space for headphones, larger folding tables for your food, …), but you could not care less about when you are traveling with children. Despite that fact that the seats are a larger, the inability to remove the armrest to have everyone share a bit of their seat made this a less comfortable trip than the one we had 2 weeks ago.

It was by no means terrible, but it is funny that the first leg of our trip was not only the cheaper one but turned out to be also the nicer one.

Well, it does not matter too much: next time we fly to Europe Thomas will get a full ticket, too, and we will thus buy four tickets and can take the full middle row in the Economy class cabin. As long as both kids are small and their feet do not touch the floor when seated, this is even comfy for me, because I can fold my legs into their seats’ leg space…

Déjà vu


You might recall that when we were flying to Europe, we were on the same flight as Oskar’s teacher and one of his classmates. And yes, you guessed it: today, for the return flight, both of them were on the same plane again. Here’s Oskar with Camille…

Oskar, Thomas, Camille and Camille’s sister were exploring the area around our gate quite a bit and had some fun.
Let’s see how the next 14 hours go…